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Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage has an ancient history, having been practised in India for centuries. It is a powerful treatment and has the ability to both relax and re-energize.

The treatment incorporates a massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp and acupressure points on the face. It includes deep finger and thumb pressure which reduces muscular and nervous tension and improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. This fully oxygenates the cells, flushing out toxins. It stretches the tissues of the neck and shoulders and stimulates and improves scalp circulation.

For most, the experience is pleasurable, usually leaving the receiver with a feeling of calm and well-being. Harmony is restored as the vital energy flow is re-balanced and the natural healing forces of the body are mobilised. A mild blend of essential oils is used in the treatment.

The therapeutic effects of Indian Head Massage last long after the treatment is over. The short and longer term benefits are individual, varied and cumulative and can include many of the following:
  • relief from the aches and pains of accumulated stress and tension which affect the neck, back, shoulders, head and face.
  • improved blood circulation under the scalp, helping to promote hair growth.
  • relieve eye strain, tension headaches, nasal congestion, aching jaws and migraines.
  • improve sleep, concentration and fatigue.
  • relax body and mind, giving a sense of calm, tranquillity and positive well-being.
Indian Head Massage
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