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I am open for business! I have undertaken a Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control Compliance Course and the necessary risk assessments to ensure that it is safe for me to re-open.  Please don't hesitate to ask any questions when you book your appointment. To see my risk assessment and Compliance Certificate please click HERE

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About Holistic Therapy
Holistic therapy is based on the principle that our mind, body and soul are interconnected. Our mental state directly reflects on our physical condition and our thoughts and emotions have a deep impact on our physical health. Holistic healing relies on taking a holistic approach towards healing ailments, looking at the person as a “whole” rather than treating a particular area of the body in isolation.

Our bodies have an internal healing ability, enabling us to fight diseases and eliminate harmful toxins from our systems. However, sometimes our balance is upset and our healing ability is impaired. This can be as a result of a physical factor, such as lack of exercise or poor diet, or, just as likely, as a result of some mental or emotional imbalance. Such imbalances, if untreated, may have very serious consequences for our health. Holistic healing seeks to restore that balance, re-enabling the body to heal itself.

Holistic healing does not seek to replace the use of medicinal remedies to treat illnesses and ailments, but, rather, to work in conjunction with other remedies and help enable them to achieve their maximum effect. It is a complementary therapy that aims to help the body’s own healing abilities work as well as possible thus making the body as receptive as possible to remedial treatments.

Holistic health is a concept of medical care that takes into account both the physical and mental aspects of the health of an individual.
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